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Videos & Guides

Register for courses in this section to view the diversity and inclusion training videos and the corresponding discussion guides. Use these videos for facilitation or training purposes in your organization.

Discussion guides are available for:
  • a general workplace audience,
  • a skilled immigrants audience,
  • or as a self-study guide for individual use by skilled immigrants.

TRIEC's training videos chronicle workplace integration from the perspectives of employers, skilled immigrants, and established Canadians. Through their stories, learn how they work out the challenges related to integrating skilled immigrants into the workplace

Training videos can be used by:
  • HR professionals and line managers to help them learn about ways to effectively integrate skilled immigrant employees
  • Immigrant-serving agencies
  • Skilled immigrants who are looking for work in their fields.


Learning Activities

  • Course Code: FTA200

    Start the discussion with this story of a firm under pressure to find the right hire, and a skilled immigrant in need of a position at his level of education and relevant experience. 

    Video Length:
    Full video: 33:47 min
    Scenes: 13 scenes of varying length - see list below

  • Course Code: FTA201

    In this scene, Henry Sutherland learns his firm has been awarded a significant contract and that his star project manager has been recruited by the competition. Henry’s list of requirements is long and Dana helps him distinguish between the essential and non-essential skills for the position.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Differentiate between essential and non-essential skills requirements for jobs. 

    Length: 4:35 min

  • Course Code: FTA202

    In this scene, Henry and Dana discuss the recruitment methods to source qualified candidate. Dana attempts to allay Henry’s concerns by presenting a business case for considering skilled immigrants.

    Learning outcomes:
    • Identify some common strengths that skilled immigrants bring to the Canadian labour market.
    • Recognize community agencies as a potential source for attracting skilled immigrant job candidates.

    0:41 min

  • Course Code: FTA203

    In this scene, Henry presents his concerns about a newcomer’s ability to “take the ball and run” and stresses the importance of learning the business “from the ground up.”  Dana addresses discrimination based on accent. 

    The candidate, Tarek Khan, a skilled immigrant, is excited about a job opportunity and preoccupied about how he may present in a job interview. 

    Learning outcomes:

    • Gain a deeper understanding of the possible meanings of “fit” and how that translates to the business world.
    • Understand that discriminating against someone because they have an accent is against the law.
    • Identify at least two barriers to employment faced by some skilled immigrants.

    Length: 3:57 min

  • Course Code: FTA204

    In this scene, Dana conducts a telephone interview with Tarek for the project manager position. Tarek wonders whether he should join a club with “Canadian” in the title and include it in his resume so that resume screening software would screen him in. 

    Learning outcomes:

    • Identify one or two ways in which hiring managers may address cultural nuances in candidates’ answers to interview questions.

    3:00 min