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Printable Resources

Register for materials in this section to download worksheets, tools and activities that can be used during facilitation or discussions related to cultural competence.

Printable Resources can be used by:

  • HR and Training and Development professionals developing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Managers hiring and leading teams that include skilled immigrants
  • Employment service providers supporting employers and skilled immigrants

These resources are useful to help participants:

  • Recognize different responses when communication breaks down.
  • Describe challenges and obstacles which come up when communicating cross-culturally.
  • Identify elements which make cross cultural communication more effective.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: CDW100

    The ways in which people approach these tasks at work is influenced by cultural norms. This document provides a comparison of these differences through the lenses of both egalitarian and hierarchical cultures.

  • Course Code: CEH100

    The ways in which leaders should be treated and how employees at different levels within an organization should interact is coloured by cultural norms. This document provides a comparison of these differences through both egalitarian and hierarchical cultural lenses.

  • Course Code: CLE100

    Use this article to gain an understanding of how the context of culture effects our understanding and evaluation of leadership effectiveness.

  • Course Code: STK100

    Use this document to understand the key cultural indicators identified by cross-cultural psychologists, along with the name of the associated writer and a brief explanation of what the indicator means.