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Printable Resources

Register for materials in this section to download worksheets, tools and activities that can be used during facilitation or discussions related to cultural competence.

Printable Resources can be used by:
  • HR and Training and Development professionals developing and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Managers hiring and leading teams that include skilled immigrants
  • Employment service providers supporting employers and skilled immigrants

These resources are useful to help participants:
  • Recognize different responses when communication breaks down.
  • Describe challenges and obstacles which come up when communicating cross-culturally.
  • Identify elements which make cross cultural communication more effective.

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: BMC100

    Become more familiar with Canadian workplace culture by exploring the language strategies typically used in business meetings.

  • Course Code: OAP100

    Use this worksheet to develop a process strategy for employees, ensuring a culturally inclusive workplace.

  • Course Code: OBC100

    One of the most effective ways of supporting a new hire who is a skilled immigrant is to provide them with an orientation buddy. This document provides orientation buddy volunteers with an overview of the expectations for their role, tips and resources for supporting the people they will be helping, and the benefits of volunteering.

  • Course Code: OTC100

    This is a helpful tool for anyone looking for guidance on successfully onboarding a new skilled immigrant employee. It provides an overview of topics important to address, including invisible cultural norms that often get overlooked but are critical for adjusting to the Canadian workplace.