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Register for courses in this section, to launch and complete these interactive e-learning modules. Each module is approximately 30 minutes in length.

E-Learning modules let you:
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Pause and bookmark sections to refer back
  • Turn the audio on and off
  • Access printable worksheets for your reference

You will need:
  • Web browser (Windows Internet Explorer 7+; Mozilla FireFox 1.0+; Google Chrome 3.0+; Safari 1+ ; and Opera 7.5+)
  • Flash player Flash player (Download now)
  • Audio player

Learning Activities

  • Course Code: CIL100

    Improve your working relationships by understanding how culture shapes behavior, preferences and expectations relating to leadership and the workplace.


    Learning outcomes:

    • Recognise how culture influences perceptions of leadership
    • Identify how various cultures ascribe different attributes to good employees and good managers
    • Describe how individuals can experience workplace challenges because their definitions of a good employee or a good manager may differ from the new workplace culture.

  • Course Code: PMA100

    Explore the influence of cultural norms and perceptions on leadership style and performance management approaches.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Examine the influence of cultural norms and perceptions on leadership style and performance management approaches
    • Identify how cultural differences may play out during the performance management process
    • Identify strategies to broaden your cultural frame of reference and address the opportunities presented by working with individuals from different cultures

  • Course Code: IEPS100

    This webinar is brought to you by Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) for anyone outside of the traditional employment services sector who is assisting immigrant job seekers. This includes PINs associations, but also refugee sponsors, faith-based groups and other organizations committed to helping immigrants in their job search.

    Key take-aways:

    • To understand the steps to employment for immigrants to Canada
    • To learn about the types of programs, services and resources that help immigrants achieve their employment goals
    • To hear about the immigrant experience in navigating and accessing employment programs and services

    Length: 1 hour

  • Course Code: SFBC100

    One of the most valuable roles you play, as a professional immigrant network (PINs) leader, is to provide career advice to your members. An effective way of helping others is by leading them to discover the solutions themselves. Solution-focused coaching is a proven approach that promotes positive growth and builds confidence and motivation.

    Key take-aways:

    • To understand the process of shifting from problem-talk to solution-talk
    • To incorporate the solution-focused framework when providing career guidance and referrals
    • Tips and resources on solution-focused coaching 

    1 hour