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TRIEC Campus is a free online learning hub offering self-paced resources designed to support team members and leaders in today's culturally diverse workplace. Resources cover effective communication and team-work as well as recruitment, selection and talent management practices to create workplaces inclusive of skilled immigrants.

Leading the Conversation: Inclusion in Non-Profits

Join the last training cohort held in September in Southwestern Ontario, in London! Apply by Friday, August 12, 2016.

Past participants sharing their feedback:

"Participating in the 'Leading the Conversation: Inclusion in Non-Profits' training has proven invaluable from a both a human resources and strategic perspective for our organization. I am excited to share this perspective with colleges so that we can create an inclusive working environment that ultimately creates the best service delivery for our clients. This is critical, as we work with clients from a range of backgrounds who count on us to assist them in their greatest times of need."

The free training offers practical, solutions-based learning, tools and resources to increase diversity and inclusion in non-profit organizations. The curriculum includes two in-person workshops, two live webinars, and e-learning with a focus on cultural diversity.

Training Outline:

  • Session 1 (Thursday, Sep 8): full-day, in-person workshop “Awareness and Assessment”
  • Session 2 (Thursday, Oct 6): 1.5 hour webinar “Finding and Keeping Talent”
  • Session 3 (Thursday, Nov 3): 1.5 hour webinar “Communications and Developing Human Capital”
  • Session 4 (Thursday, Dec 1): full-day, in-person workshop “Diversity Strategy and Leadership”

This program is for you if you’re someone:

  • who is currently working in a senior position at an Ontario non-profit
  • who is responsible for strategy within their organization (e.g., Executive Director, HR Manager, etc.)
  • who is looking to increase diversity in your workplace; for example, exploring, developing or implementing diversity strategies

You can learn more about the program:


What will you find on the Campus?

  • The Campus contains e-Learning modules, videos and discussion guides on topics related to cross-cultural practices in:
  • Interpersonal communication and recognizing unconscious bias
  • Recruitment and selection of immigrant talent
  • Resume screening and interviewing
  • Workplace orientation and onboarding
  • Religious accommodation
  • Team building and leadership
  • Performance management, coaching and feedback
  • Leading and motivating culturally diverse team

Looking for ways to integrate diverse talent into your organization? Concerned you’re missing out on an untapped skilled immigrant talent pool and want to learn successful recruitment and integration practices? Want to make sure you take full advantage of the diverse workforce?

On the TRIEC Campus, you will find innovative and engaging learning materials to help your organization integrate and retain newcomer talent.

The TRIEC Campus offers a toolkit that HR and training and development professionals, as well as managers and team members, can draw on to develop and enhance cross-cultural skills to build, lead and participate in culturally diverse workplaces. Use these tools to improve your bottom line by learning how to hire, retain, and manage culturally diverse teams more effectively.

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Are you looking for innovative and engaging tools and resources to support your work with employers and skilled immigrants in building diverse and inclusive workplaces?

The TRIEC Campus offers a toolkit of resources available in video or e-learning formats. You can use each resource on its own, or build them into your existing training activities.

The TRIEC Campus provides a hub for sharing training resources related to the workplace integration of skilled immigrants. Through the Campus, we aim to develop a community of practice with our partners that engages, supports and promotes inclusion and cultural competence.

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Are you new to Canada or recently hired into a Canadian organization? Are you trying to understand the nuances of the Canadian workplace? Why it’s important to develop “people skills”? Not sure how to interpret your manager’s feedback and communicate back?

Gain insight into these and many other questions that will help you to make a successful transition to working in a new environment. TRIEC Campus materials are based on real-life situations in the Canadian context and address challenges that you might face when looking for a job or working for a Canadian organization.

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